Communications Algorithm Engineer(Zhuhai)

1970-01-01 08:00:00 Zhuhai 不限


1. Conduct algorithm pre-research, evaluation, design, optimization, implementation, verification, and hardware implementation related to communications systems, and provide support;

2. Optimization, design and hardware implementation of communications chips, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi baseband algorithms; 

3. Collaborate with chip and application design engineers in algorithm design and debugging;


1. Degree: master’s degree or above;

2. Major: Electronics, Communications Engineering, Signal Processing, Information Engineering, Mathematics, Physics, or other related fields;

3. Mastery of Matlab, C/C++ language and Verilog;  

4. Mastery of the basics of Communications Engineering and Signal Processing; 

5. Mastery of digital baseband communication, modulation, demodulation, synthesis, equalization, channel decoding and other algorithms preferred; 

6. Familiarity with one of the standardized communications protocols preferred: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, cellular networks, etc.