Layout Engineer(Zhuhai)

1970-01-01 08:00:00 Zhuhai 不限


1. Convert analog and logic design into physical layouts that can be produced according to design files;

2. Perform layout-related verification tasks and extract parameters;


1. Degree: bachelor’s degree; 

2. Major: Microelectronics, Electronic Science and Technology, Integrated Circuit Design and Integrated System, Electronic Information, Physical electronics, or other related fields;  

3. Strong knowledge of semiconductor and transistor; 

4. Proficiency in English reading; 

5. Familiarity with Unix/Linux system and mastery of vi and shell; knowledge of commonly used EDA tools for layout design is a plus; 

6. Familiarity with process flow and devices; knowledge of the key design elements of ESD/LU; knowledge of the basic principles of electric circuits is a plus; 

7. Strong communication skills, team spirit, patience and meticulousness.