Chip Digital Circuit Engineer(Zhuhai)

1970-01-01 08:00:00 Zhuhai 不限


1. Conduct RTL design, verification and logic synthesis of digital circuits according to its specifications; 

2. Conduct SoC system design, integration and verification according to its specifications; 

3. Assist in FPGA-based prototype verification;

4. Collaborate with digital backend department in EDA verification; 

5. Follow up and resolve issues related to chip’s mass production; 


1. Degree: bachelor’s degree or above;

2. Major: Microelectronics, Electronic Science and Technology, Communications and Information Systems, Integrated Circuit Design and Integrated System, or other related fields; 

3. Proficiency in Verilog, C language; mastery of EDA tools and knowledge of chip development procedures preferred; 

4. Familiarity with Unix/Linux system and mastery of vi and shell;

5. Proficiency in reading and writing English documents and materials; 

6. Conscientiousness and team spirit.