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图片关键词AB2029P3 DataSheet.pdf

Key Features

High performance 32bit RISC-V processor Core with DSP instruction 

Maximum 120MHz operating frequency; 

Internal 64KB RAM for data and program; 8K cache; 

Internal 2M bit Flash; 

24M crystal oscillator circuit with on-chip loading capacitors, no external loading capacitors needed; 

Support program encryption; 

Bluetooth 5.4 BLE specification, Support LE 1M/2M, Long Range;(QDID:222495) 

BLE output power ranges from -20dBm to +9dBm; RX Sensitivity with -94dBm @1M BLE;  10-bit SAR ADC x6 ; 

MIC amplifier x1; High performance MONO Sigma-Delta ADC;

Built in PMU; capless LDOs; LDO;Li-battery charger; 

One-bit MONO DAC; 

IR TX and RX; 

Hardware Cap-sense Touch Key x2; 

Master/Slave IIC x1; 

Normal UART x1; High Speed UART with CTS/RTS x1; 

Full speed USB 2.0 HOST/DEVICE controller x1; 

Timer3 PWM channel x3; Low Power PWM channel x1; 

SPI_LED controller x1; 

CrossBar Input/Output;


Selfie Stick 

Anti-Loss Device 

Usb Dongle

  • CPU: RISC-V + DSP扩展 (120MHz)
  • 封装: ESOP8
  • 蓝牙协议: BT 5.4 双模(QDID: 222495)
  • Flash: 2 Mbit
  • DC-DC: 不支持
  • 内置充电: 支持
  • DAC: 单声道
  • ADC: 单声道